Total rip-off for the money, I might as well have threw 100.00 out the car window. Made my hair greasy and my scalp itch constantly!!!...Don't fall for the commercial, it's ***!

I tried it for the 3 month period, as they suggested...My hair is thin, but long....My hair is in worse shape now than it ever was. The products all have a really nasty odor to them, not at all pleasing as well.

I also noticed more hair in my brushes while using it as well. DO NOT BUY this junk, TOTAL SCAM.

Review about: Ovation Hair Products Shampoo.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I love Ovation hair products. Getting ready to place my 2nd order.

I am in my 50's and My hair has been breaking worse and worse for the past 5 years to the point I was going to cut it off..

My hairdresser noticed that it is growing. She is now going to recommend to clients with same issue


After reading these reviews both positive and negative, I've decided I will NOT try this product. Considering the price of the product it appears 50/50.

It may work, it may not or cause damage.


Maybe that is just her because it is a wonder for me!


Everyone's hair is different. I LOVE Ovation and it has helped me beyond words.

I am currently on Chemo so what hair I do have left is so damaged. Ovation is the ONLY product that actually works. Maybe you weren't doing it correctly. Over washing your hair can make it even greasier.

I wouldn't blame the product. Blame your scalp and hair.

Just because it did not work for you doesn't mean it's a scam. Google hair care science, that might help you.


A lot of complaints about cost but for $100 you get 3 decent size bottles. A lot of good salon shampoo or stuff from Ulta cost $30/bottle. You don't need a lot and shouldn't use the cell therapy daily anyway so it lasts long.


Wow....I ve read the most terrified stories from another site, all I can say is wow! I heard so much good stuff about this hair therapy on the radio stations. I feel for those poor consumers

Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States #886878

Addition to my previous post I bought the product from ovation web site it smells nice like coconuts . It's original product I didn't buy it from third parties and still don't do the job and I'm on organic balanced died I'm 37 nobody in my family had such an issue this treatment just don't work and I don't have any major health issues.

Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States #886877

I only tried it for third week now and no improvement , instead my scalp get greasy and dandruff started to build up badly and I'm still loosing my hair as before treatment. I'm assuming its scam for extremely high price. Don't buy it won't help go to dermatologist or do the test for hormones level and ask your doctor for help with hair loss issues instead.

Chula Vista, California, United States #871422

Thank you for heads up on the garbage Ovation hair products. I was going it buy but thanks to for opening my eyes!!!

to marialvie North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #921209

me too...

San Diego, California, United States #857865

As a hairdresser, reading some of the comments about the product making your hair dry and brittle- use it less. Just like with anything if you over-do if, the results will be bad.

The product has do much vitamins and proteins that it is over conditioning your hair. Causing it to be brittle

to Kayla San Jose, California, United States #934843

Finally, someone educated. Thank you.

I honestly love Ovation. I bought it on Cyber Monday at a lower price, to just try and see if there was a difference in my hair after using it. I absolutely love the way my hair feels. Although, I only wash my hair once or twice a week.

The overuse of the products (too much protein) can definitely be the cause of why all these people are talking about losing hair, but really it is completely NORMAL to lose about 100 strands of hair a day.

I just had a baby too about three months ago and I have not at all noticed any balding spots either and I just use Ovation. Just my 2 cents in.

Canyon Lake, California, United States #857612

I disagree also..... the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used!!!

Wish I could afford it 24-7.

They never lie about what they charge or how their product performs!!! LOVE IT!!!


I completely disagree! I've been using the Ovation Volumnizing products for about a year, and my hair is in better condition than it's been in ages.

It is shiny and full...I couldn't be more pleased. I'm almost 75 but my hair doesn't look it.


i will noy buy it!!!!

Hayward, California, United States #815551

I tried this product before and yes my hair was a little fuller and longer, but it was too expensive to continue the rgimen, this past Christmas my sister gave me this as a present. Boy I boy my hair braking off an is thinning and is now dry and brittle, I may have gotten a bad batch or the main ingredients to have a full healthy long hair was not in the product....boo for ovation I can no longer recommend this product


I used these products about a year ago and I was really pleased with the results. My hair was thicker and fuller, but I couldn't afford the $100 to buy them all the time.

So for Christmas last year my boyfriend bought me their Christmas set as a present. I only wash my hair every 2 - 3 days a week and after 1 1/2 months my hair is so short now that my hair no longer touches my shoulders. I'm no longer able to put my hair in a ponytail. I do not know what happened this second time around.

I washed my hair last night and after it dried my hair looked like the ends had been singed (burned off).

to Sharon #978234

I used this product about 2years ago and loved it . I bought the products at Christmas this year.

It did not smell like the same product.

results were unremarkable . I ordered it directly from Ovations web sight. Quality is not the same. I was so disappointed.

I was raving about it to my friends but not now.

Downey, California, United States #773649

I got my braids pulled out n a fight. Will ovation really work yo grow my hair back?


Haha this *** probably got a scam. Prob ordered one of the fakes people sell.

This stuff is the best smelling shampoo I ever used! I would pay double for the stuff it does to my hair. Great deal.

I can finally wear my hair natural without it getting frizzy or poofy... absolutely in love!

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